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Armed Forces and Military Insurance

As a member of HM Armed Forces there is no doubt that your role in the defence of our country is vital to our very existence.

So it is unfortunate that finding insurances can be made difficult by your occupation but that shouldn't be something that puts you off trying to find the most competitive quotation.

Armed Forces personnel generally have no need for income protection cover (because of the generous sick pay arrangements available from the Ministry of Defence) but have a need for Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover just like anybody else.

Life Insurance for the Armed Forces

Life insurance for armed forces personnel very much depends on your role and area of operations. Those personnel working in non hazardous positions and within the UK are generally treated just like their civilian counterparts when applying for insurance. With the exception of a few extra underwriting questions (to ascertain their role and area of operations) most UK based personnel can be under cover fairly quickly assuming they are not a member of any rapid reaction force and assuming they are not currently under any orders, or expecting to deploy in the near future.

Hazardous Roles and Specialist Occupations

For those personnel in hazardous roles such as bomb disposal, pilots and divers, getting insurance becomes more difficult but still not impossible. Again this depends on your area of operations but in most cases the insurer would apply an extra loading to your premium to reflect the additional risk. The good news is that in most of these roles, military personnel may be able to claim back the additional premium from their pay offices. These can usually be claimed back annually in arrears.

High Risk Areas

As is a natural consequence of military service, there is a good chance that members of the armed forces will be deployed to a high risk area during there service years. High risk areas, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, represent another hurdle for insurers and personnel looking for life cover.

In most cases it is possible to find an insurer, such as Royal Liver, who for an extra premium will be happy to offer insurance cover if the insurance is related to protecting a mortgage.


Reserve personnel are an increasingly important part of our armed forces and they too can be effected when looking for life and critical illness insurance.

Usually reservists are treated a little more leniently than regular personnel because of the lower chance of deployment to a high risk area.

In a lot of cases reservists (assuming they are not currently activated) can receive normal rates on their insurance with simply an exclusion on war risks.

Getting more personalized information

As always these are general guidelines for armed forces personnel and may not suit all occupations and areas of operation. To get a more in depth quotation which is tailored to your exact situation, you should contact one of our fully qualified advisors.

Our advisers will be able to assess your needs and speak with the insurance companies to find you the best cover at the most competitive price.

Our advisors can be contacted on 0808 17 82 777 or via