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Critical Illness Cover for Children

Critical Illness Cover is one policy that most consumers nowadays will take out at some point in their lives. Its main use is to provide a tax free lump sum to help with any ongoing costs. However what if your children became critically ill?

It's not the nicest thing to think about, but some insurance providers will provide cover free of charge to an insured adults children or in some cases even step-children and adopted children.

It is usually less cover than the insured persons, around 50% but is not subject to medical underwriting and can become an invaluable extra in times of extreme hardship.

The diseases that the insurer will cover children from can differ from your main policy, with fewer illnesses covered than on the adults policy, however some insurers do add child specific diseases such as Bacterial Meningitis.

The Critical Illness Insurance can help with any medical costs incurred, or give you the freedom to take time off work, without worrying about falling behind on any of your monthly outgoings.

Most insurers will cover newborns as soon as they reach 3 months, but some can wait for up to 3 years.

You don't need to inform an insurer when new additions to the family arrive as well, they will be automatically covered under your policy as long as they are older than the waiting period set by the insurer.

To find out more about policies which cover children in the event of a critical illness, please contact one of our specialist advisers.