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Life Insurance - A Quick and Easy Guide

Whilst we all expect to live for many many years, none of us can really predict what will happen to us in the future or what events are waiting for us around the next corner.

What would happen to your family in the event that you were suddenly killed tomorrow on your way to work? Could your family continue to live their lives to a similar standard? Could they keep the roof over their head that you worked so hard to provide?

Life Insurance (also known as Life Assurance, Term Assurance or Mortgage Life Insurance) provides a cash lump sum to your loved ones in the event that you die or become terminally ill.

This lump sum could then be used by your family to pay off your major liabilities, normally your mortgage, securing the roof over your families heads and ensuring they are not plunged into hardship and poverty.

If you have a family or partner who are financially dependant on you or if you have major liabilities such as a mortgage or loan, then getting a Life Insurance quote is a must to protect their way of life.

Life Insurance itself comes under many names but essentially they are all the same. They all aim to provide a tax free cash lump sum in the event of your death in exchange for a monthly premium paid to the insurance company.

The exact amount of cover will vary depending on your needs but will generally be enough to pay off your mortgage and to cover other liabilities. You may decide to add a little extra to your cover, to relieve the financial burden from losing a wage earning member of the family or you may decide to simply remove the biggest burden of the mortgage.

Either way, the options are available and can be tailored to suit your needs and wishes.

There are two major types of Life Insurance depending on your circumstances:

  • Level Term Life Insurance: With a level cover the amount you choose to protect is guaranteed to remain the same throughout the policy. It won't reduce over time and if your family needs to claim on the policy, it will pay out the full level of cover. This type of cover is often used to protect interest only mortgages or loans, or for family protection.

  • Decreasing Life Insurance/Mortgage Life Insurance: With decreasing or mortgage life insurance, the amount of cover you choose will decrease over time throughout the full term of the policy. This is most suited to Capital and Repayment mortgages, this is not suitable for interest only mortgages

As with all things in life, various other options also exist for your life insurance. For instance perhaps you do not wish to leave a lump sum for your family, but would rather leave a monthly benefit for your family for a number of years. This option is well suited for those with children in private education, who wish to ensure that in the event of death, their childrens education fee's could still be paid.

Concerned about inflation and its effects on your insurance cover? We can also offer an Increasing Term Insurance where your benefit amount would increase annually to offset the effects of inflation.

These additional options are not as common as straightforward Life Insurance and as such are not quoted for on our website. However one of our fully qualified advisors would be more than happy to talk you through the options and prepare a full life insurance quote for you in minutes. Please feel free to contact us.