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Am I Eligible For Unemployment Insurance?

Article by Jordan Simpkin, Insurance Advisor.

In today's financial climate more and more consumers are looking towards various forms of insurance.

One of the most popular policies on the market is Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance (ASU).

This is becoming increasingly popular because of the looming threat of unemployment that is affecting Britain's workforce, and many people who face unemployment or redundancy would be left unable to pay mortgages, loans, credit cards and various other outgoings.

However ASU would not be a valid form of insurance in some cases.

To be eligible for unemployment insurance you must be in full time employment, be between the ages of 18 and 65 and not be aware of any upcoming redundancy.

This could be anything from being told that your specific job role is being considered for redundancy, in some cases that there is the potential of redundancies in your office or the fact that the company you work for has been shown to be in significant financial trouble.

For people who are self-employed or contract workers redundancy may not be covered at all, unless the consumer can prove that there business has ceased to trade due to circumstances out of their control.

Other things affecting your eligibility can be the way in which you have become unemployed, it must be through no fault of your own, typical exclusions include gross misconduct and quitting, however there are other justifiable reasons such as poor performance.